About us

Thirtygrid production

Fun Fact: We named it thirty(grid) because all of our team birthdays are on 30th of the month

Thirtygrid is the brainchild of three high school friends that wanted to expand their passion into a visual reality. You will be experiencing team effort, innovative ideas and an array of creative things we do. From significant commercial shoots, corporate videos, promos, and even to producing fun music shoots, short films and lifestyle content. You name it, and we can deliver. We’ve worked with big names in the industry such as Hublot, Mercedes, Corum, and many more. So if you are looking for a professional production with endless possibilities, you’ve come to the right place!

Meet the team

Co-Founder / Executive Producer

The mastermind behind the plans and ideas with get things done attitude. However, don’t let his seriousness fool you as he is an expert at making punny jokes.

Co-Founder / Creative Director

If you see a man dancing away at Kpop music, then it’s probably just Kelvin. He may seem quiet at first glance but trust us, this boy can shake it! He does the move on the shoots, and edits for the company.

Production Manager

The chatterbox and comedian amongst us. He will ease people up if any of us are too stressed out with something. You could also say he is the Mr. Do-It-Yourself in the office in case anything goes wrong.

What we do


Pre production

We will take note of your objectives brand direction, target audience, and key message you’d like to get across. Once we’ve developed a concept and storyline that you’re happy with, we proceed to planning and preparation for the shoot.


Our production crew will get to work with cameras, drones, lighting and audio equipment to capture cinematic visuals and sounds that will soon be weaved together to form your story.

Post production

Our video editors will screen through all the footages gathered from the production stage, select the best takes, and stitch the scenes together according to your storyboard.

Behind the scene

Have an idea?

Drop us a message today and we can start discussing about your ideas next!